Продюссерский центр Алексея Мускатина
You know what the very term “BUG” means: it originates in programmers’ slang and goes for mistake or misoperating. But how can you name a young band a “mistake”? But “mistake” sometimes means simply a contradiction with some established rules. So there’s quite a sense in Komanda BUG’s name: musicians and their management doesn’t hesitate to position themselves as a mistake for Russian pop and rock stage of today. Komanda BUG isn’t interested in quasi-sensational stories about them in various popular medias, but the band wish to be music professionals in every sense of the term. Well, somebody may say there’s contradiction in band’s name too: how the unit can make mistakes? But there’s no paradox here, because rock music for listeners of any tastes can’t be creating by musicians only. Nowadays it’s creating by tight unit of true professionals, including musicians themselves. So it’s deciphering of Komanda BUG name: when did you hear about any professionals on Russian pop and rock stage for the last time? And not just one professional, but unit of them… We should remember that success of every fine rock band is the fruit of aforementioned unit of professionals – no matter, whether it is the young unknown band or (super)project of “names” of any kind. Anyone in rock business needs that unit – sooner or later. And Komanda BUG is very lucky, because this unit worked with the band from the very start of the band’s career. That’s why we mentioned all the people who work with the band, and those persons’ activity is very important for band’s success. They’re not on the stage and in the spotlight, but they work hard… Komanda BUG is a true band of the XXI century, but not without quite interesting roots. One of the fathers of band’s concept was Sergei V. Chelobanov, who conceived the very idea of “clever pop music” in then-USSR back at the tail end of 80s. And it was Mr. Chelobanov himself who discovered very unusual vocal talents and stage presence of band’s frontlady Alexandra Hermanovna. So Komanda BUG’s story started… Concept of Komanda BUG is absolutely unique for modern day Russian-singing rock, simply because musicians don’t see their own music and words as an instrument for any fighting – no matter, fighting against something or for something. Well, Komanda BUG is fighting, but fighting only for the quality of their songs and great delivery of it in the studio and on the live stage. Komanda BUG wishes to offer elegant and clever melodies, modern rock sound and arrangements and quite intriguing songs’ lyrics. Komanda BUG is a unit of true professionals – and their music destined for professionals in any other non-musical fields. But, anyway, for those professionals who can truly “taste the band” simply because of their own professional level.